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Unveiling Dreams: Melissa’s Bespoke Design Consultation for Your Transformative Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with Melissa through our bespoke design consultation. Whether initiated via a phone call, email exchange, or a face-to-face meeting, Melissa’s expert touch elevates your project from the start. In this personalised consultation, Melissa delves into your project aspirations, budget considerations, and the ultimate vision for your space.

Engage in a collaborative dialogue where Melissa tailors the design journey to your specific requirements. Together, you’ll explore style options that resonate with your vision, bringing to life the dream interior you’ve always imagined.

During this immersive discovery process, Melissa sits down with you to discuss your collected images, home aspirations, and ideas. She weaves a design and narrative that complements your dream interior, ensuring a thorough understanding of your unique preferences while offering expert suggestions for seamless integration.


Precision in Planning: Melissa’s Detailed Proposal for Your Project Success

Once Melissa has gained a comprehensive understanding of your project objectives, whether through a site visit or a review of floor plans, she meticulously crafts a detailed proposal. This proposal includes an overview of anticipated costs, project timelines, and a breakdown of Melissa’s collaborative design approach.


Empowering Visions: The Distinctive Edge of Melissa’s Consultation

The paramount advantage of this consultation lies in the empowerment it provides you. Melissa’s profound comprehension of your project’s scope enables her to plan meticulously and assess the ideal budget for your venture. This initial interaction also allows you to evaluate your comfort level and establish a harmonious working rapport with Melissa, ensuring her unparalleled expertise aligns seamlessly with your grand vision for your dream home’s interior.


Transform Your Space: Discover the Full-Interior Design Experience


For more in-depth assistance, explore our full-interior design service at, where we can turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re planning a complete home makeover or simply looking to refresh a single room, our full-interior design service and interior decorating service are here to bring your vision to life.

Take the first step toward realising your dream interior by booking our engaging design consultation with Melissa today!



We believe luxury and comfort are created from the inside out, and every detail is well-considered. By considering the environment you live in, and the everyday problems you face, we design solutions that combine function and style, creating ambience and transforming your home into a beautiful space bringing your interior design vision to life.

Functional and comfortable

Aesthetically pleasing

There is so much more than just choosing furniture and decorating a home. It all begins with good planning and design! Good designs take time, and we consider every element and principle of design. Spatial planning, art curation, reflected ceiling plans and 3D visualisations are all part of the process so that we can make your vision a reality.

Like a curator, Melissa can assist you with existing collections and sourcing beautiful pieces, artwork, and sculptures keeping the style cohesive. Melissa ensures that her client’s aesthetics gains expression in their carefully curated spaces.

Melissa is an expert at sourcing the appropriate fabric for your project. She has her finger on the pulse with all new collections that are on trend.

Our Interior Designer

Qualified Interior Designer

Melissa Ots Interior Designer at MotzDesigns

Melissa Ots

Principal Designer

Melissa, founder, and Principal Designer of MotzDesigns holds a Diploma of Interior Design and is an Accredited Member of the Design Institute of Australia and the Interior Design Association, highlighting her dedication to the profession. Melissa has worked in the textile industry for eight years in which she has owned a soft furnishings business sourcing unique fabrics for clients and being the hands-on maker of curtains, Roman Blinds, cushions, and upholstery. Melissa is a passionate designer and artisan, creating unique interiors for her clients. Melissa prioritises listening to her clients to deliver flawless and harmonious interiors that her clients just love. Melissa offers exceptional service and quality work going above and beyond for each client.



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