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Embark on an exciting journey with our exclusive ‘custom project service’ tailored for those seeking to transform individual rooms into personalised havens. Our expertise in the ‘bespoke project service’ spans from minimalist elegance to vibrant character, ensuring each room is uniquely tailored to your vision. Whether it’s a cosy ‘baby’s nursery,’ a rejuvenated bathroom, or a stylish kitchen, we specialise in crafting environments that align with your desires.

Adorn your walls with delightful coverings, infuse vibrant colours, experiment with captivating patterns, and indulge in luxurious textures through our ‘custom project service.’ Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics, encompassing custom soft furnishings and precisely crafted joinery, guaranteeing a harmonious blend of form and function in your space.

Navigating the myriad choices in design can be daunting, but with Melissa and our ‘bespoke project service’ by your side, her wealth of experience becomes your guiding light. Melissa has cultivated relationships with premier textile suppliers, ensuring access to the perfect fabrics for curtains, upholstery, or wall coverings, adding that distinctive touch to your ‘custom project service.’ No material is too elusive; Melissa has the knack for tracking down the extraordinary.

Choosing an interior designer at the project’s inception proves invaluable, saving you time, averting costly missteps, and optimising your budget with our ‘custom project service.’ Melissa’s touch ensures a seamless and functional interior, a harmonious blend of minimalist elegance or vibrant character, depending on your preference. Witness the transformation before it happens with our detailed 3D-rendered models, offering a sneak peek into the final masterpiece created by our ‘bespoke project service.’

Embark on this journey with confidence – book a consultation with Melissa to delve deeper into your aspirations. Let her insights tailor a bespoke plan for you, complete with a ‘custom project service’ quote. Your dream space awaits, meticulously curated and thoughtfully designed, whether you envision minimalist serenity or character-filled charm.

Take the first step toward realising your dream interior by booking our engaging design consultation with Melissa today!

For a comprehensive interior transformation, explore our Full-Service Interior Design tailored to meet every need, from custom joinery to unique elements.



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We believe luxury and comfort are created from the inside out, and every detail is well-considered. By considering the environment you live in, and the everyday problems you face, we design solutions that combine function and style, creating ambience and transforming your home into a beautiful space bringing your interior design vision to life.

Functional and comfortable

Aesthetically pleasing

There is so much more than just choosing furniture and decorating a home. It all begins with good planning and design! Good designs take time, and we consider every element and principle of design. Spatial planning, art curation, reflected ceiling plans and 3D visualisations are all part of the process so that we can make your vision a reality.

Like a curator, Melissa can assist you with existing collections and sourcing beautiful pieces, artwork, and sculptures keeping the style cohesive. Melissa ensures that her client’s aesthetics gains expression in their carefully curated spaces.

Melissa is an expert at sourcing the appropriate fabric for your project. She has her finger on the pulse with all new collections that are on trend.

Our Interior Designer

Qualified Interior Designer

Melissa Ots Interior Designer at MotzDesigns

Melissa Ots

Principal Designer

Melissa is the founder and Principal Designer of MotzDesigns, having studied with the Interior Design Institute and is a member of the Design Institute of Australia. Melissa has worked in the textile industry for eight years in which she has owned a soft furnishings business sourcing unique fabrics for clients and being the hands-on maker of curtains, Roman Blinds, cushions, and upholstery. Melissa is a passionate designer and artisan, creating unique interiors for her clients. Melissa prioritises listening to her clients to deliver flawless and harmonious interiors that her clients just love. Melissa offers exceptional service and quality work going above and beyond for each client.



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